glimmer ball™

glimmer ball - lighted
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Let your dog’s good times roll night and day with our touch-activated glimmer ball light toy.

• touch-activated light emphasizes ball's rolling motion
• erratic light trigger a dog's desire to chase
• makes nighttime play more fun and exciting

• light module delivers up to 13,000 activations
• for safety reasons includes non-replaceable batteries
• ball made of durable, recycled plastic
• available in blue and green
• for medium to large dogs
• NOTE: Read instructions/safety info on package before use

FAQs about the glimmer ball™:

Will my dog see the light?
Your dog’s ability to see light depends in part on the time of day or available light in a room. Glimmer ball can be enjoyed any hour of the day, but is particularly fun for dusk or nighttime play when the light will be more visible to your dog. Of course you can play inside the house too by dimming the lights.

Read more FAQs


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